BGC Plasterboard Trade Centres stock a range of BGC compounds and these include:

  • Stud Adhesive
    A water based adhesive for bonding plasterboard to metal or timber available in 2 sizes – 5.2kg and 1.25kg buckets
  • Multipurpose Joint Compound
    A ready mixed compound used as a taping coat and finishing coat over base coats available in 2 sizes –
    6kg and 20kg buckets
  • Water Resistant Taping Cement

    A water based polymer for jointing and corner sealing in wet areas available in 2 sizes – 6.4kg and 1.65kg buckets

  • Top Coat
    A vinyl formulation used for final coats in interior plasterboard applications available in a 20kg bucket
  • Cornice Cement
    A plaster based cement designed to bond cornice to plasterboard walls and ceilings available in 3 setting times – 45min, 60min and 90min
  • Base Coat

    A base cement used for the jointing of plasterboard and fibre cement wallboard available in 3 setting times – 45min, 60min and 90min

  • Masonry Adhesive
    Specially formulated cement for fixing plasterboard to masonry and concrete surfaces available in 20kg bags.
  • Back Blocking Cement
    Cement designed for back blocking wall and ceiling joints, available in 20kg bags.
  • Fibreglass Tape

    Self adhesive tape used in the reinforcement of recessed joints available in 2 sizes, 50mm x 90m and 50mm x 20m.

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