CurveBoard™ is the ideal solution for creating curves on interior walls and ceilings, giving endless freedom and flexibility. CurveBoard™ provides another option in the creation of interior spaces.

Designed as a complete plasterboard wall and ceiling lining system which provides a flat, blemish free and monolithic surface which is ready for decoration. CurveBoard™ is designed to bend to a tight radii without prior wetting.

CurveBoard™ Plasterboard:

  • Provides design flexibility and freedom
  • Enables construction of contoured walls or ceilings
  • Allows bending to small radii
  • Has recessed edges on long edges to provide a continuous surface once flushed
  • Saves time and money on installations requiring curved surfaces
  • Can be easily applied to timber or light-steel framing
  • Can be easily finished in a number of finishes


    Length mm
Thickness mm Width mm 3600
6.5 1200 x

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