RebateMate Revolutionizing The Butt Joint

RebateMate™ is a revolutionary power tool designed to cut rebates along the edges of plasterboard, multi-board and cement sheeting in preparation for joining.The rebated edge created by RebateMate™ results is a stonger, seemless join in both ceiling and wall applications.

RebateMate™ attaches to most commecial vacuums to create a safe dust free environment. It is portible, simple to use and delivers substancial cost and time savings while producing excellent results every time. This unique tool eliminates weakness in the join, glancing light, peaking, cracking, visible joins and wastage.

  • Creates perfect seemless joins.
  • Strengthens the butt joint area.
  • Save time and money.
  • Dustless (with vacuum).
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe and easy to use.
Watch RebateMate™ in action:

EzyBead Plastering Made Easy

The EzyBead System is a complete system used within the plasterboard industry to finish off the internal and external plasterboard junctions where they occur through out a new house or renovation. (some people also refer to Plasterboard as Drywall). EzyBead is basically a metal profile with paper adhered to it. EzyBead is used in conjunction with the application tools to form The System that allows the EzyBead to be easily and efficiently applied into or onto the plasterboard junctions to finish an internal or external corner.

The EzyBead System has many benefits over traditional methods of finishing internal and
external corners. The paper covering the rear of the EzyBead ensures maximum bonding between the EzyBead, the base coat and the Plasterboard. This makes the corner very strong and greatly reduces the occurrence of cracking. The exposed troweling edge acts as a guide for the trowel and, is also there to help achieve a professional straight finish.
And because EzyBead is used as a system it is very, very quick and easy to install, saving, time, effort, and ultimately saving money.

Ezy Bead System Demo:

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